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Everything We Know About Booka Nile From ‘Married At First Sight’

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What do Aussie metalcore and Married At First Sight have in common? 

Generally not much, but the 2021 season of Married At First Sight has Booka Nile as one of the brides getting married. Before MAFS catapults her to insane levels of fame, for music fans out there she is also known for being the keyboardist and clean vocalist in metal band Make Them Suffer. 

TBH, Make Them Suffer also sounds like the general motto for Married At First Sight, so this all seems to be quite fitting.  

So what do we know about Booka Nile? 

Along with her work in Make Them Suffer, she also has her own indie-pop side project called Internet Friends.

Booka also works in the mental health recovery space and studied psychology at university, and vlogs about her experience within the mental health world as well as her own lived experiences.

Warning: the below video discusses mental health issues and suicide, and may be triggering. 

Moving on, Booka also loves a music x politics collab as we’ve now learned, especially ones focused on Mark “Daddy” McGowan.

@bookanileWhen daddy McGowan places your heart under a strict lockdown #markmcgowan #perth #wa #istandwithmarkmcgowan #perthtok #daddyissues #australiatiktok♬ original sound – Booka Nile

We can only hope she starts making parody songs on TikTok and Instagram about MAFS as the show goes along. Please, Booka. We need this.

Why did Booka decide to go on Married At First Sight?

Because of her relentless touring, Booka said it’s been hard to meet and form a connection with someone.


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“Since I’ve been grounded at home thanks to a certain virus, have been banned from Tinder (LOL) and because I’m a bit crazy, this just feels like the perfect opportunity to throw myself into the deep end and do something wild and hope that whoever I’m matched with turns out to be a legend!,” Booka said on Instagram.

We hope for a good match for this breakdown-loving muso, and can’t wait to see what she brings to the crazy world of MAFS!