Hilarious Tweets From Americans Who Have No Idea WTF Boxing Day Is About

Shopping in Australia on Boxing Day means taking punches from angry shoppers. At least, that’s what I thought it was?

As Aussies prep to get into their shopping frenzy on the 26 December, Americans are hella confused as to what exactly the day after Christmas is about.

We all know Boxing Day is that day when literally everything goes on sale. You fight the crowds, and attempt to snag yourself the best possible deal on a cute asf New Year’s Eve outfit. But some Americans think that Boxing Day has nothing to do with shopping and something to do with…boxing?

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Americans have taken to Twitter to rant about just how cooked our Aussie continent is, but this time tbh, they’re not ENTIRELY off.

Americans are really confused as to why we call the day after Christmas ‘Boxing Day’:

Some Aussies are over it:

While other Aussies are equally just as confused:

And if you’ve always wanted to know the real reason as to why the day after Christmas Day is called ‘Boxing Day’, here’s the tea…

According to The Spruce, the name is a reference to holiday gifts aka, the ‘Christmas Box’. Boxing Day was traditionally the day off for servants, where they would take ‘Christmas Boxes’ gifted to them by their employers and distribute them to their families. If that’s not the last thing you thought it would be than idk what is.

All in all, enjoy this Boxing Day. Bank on those sales, fight off those crowds, and have a safe and Happy New Year.