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AWKS: Brad Pitt Tried To Buy Time With Emilia Clarke At An Auction & Lost Badly

Imagine being soo filthy rich that you could pay to spend time with the Game of Thrones dragon kween herself, Emilia Clarke. But that’s just life for a handful of celebs who attended Sean Penn‘s charity auction for Haiti, including megastar Brad Pitt.

Living up the single life following his split with Angelina Jolie, Variety is reporting that Pitt made a bid of $USD120,000 (almost $170,000 in Australian money) for a night of watching GoT with Clarke and ahem… Kit Harington.

But unfortunately for Pitt, he was outbid by an unnamed guest, who raised the stakes to $160,000.

Too bad Braddy boiii.

It was all for a good cause, with the funds raised going towards the J/P HRO & Disaster Relief Organisations, who continue to donate money towards the relief effort in Haiti.

During the auction Leonardo DiCaprio, who was also in attendance, bid $USD80,000 on a painting by artist Josh Smith, but was outbid by $10,000 by a cheeky Clarke for who walked away with the art piece.

Don’t mess with the Mother of Dragons, amirite?!

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