Brad Pitt’s First Post-Divorce Interview & Photoshoot Was Weird AF

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Overnight Brad Pitt’s first post-Brangelina interview with GQ Magazine hit the stands. And, oh boy, who could have anticipated what was to come?!

Brad’s spread in the men’s magazine, featured a slew of strange aka v. artsy photos. Having the actor wriggle around as an earth worm, and tumble down a sand dune like a bag of potatoes because #heapsartsy. But the pics were only the beginning, some of the quotes the journo pulled out for the feature were frankly just weird AF.

Here’s a few of the stranger excerpts from the GQ article:

There’s a bit where he wishes he could change his name, like how Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion, venting “I just feel like fucking Brad”. That’s cos you are Brad, kiddo.

He went on to say that he gets comfort when he: “make a fire”.

Brad, make fire. He make fire good. Then he feel life in house. Fire make house feel life.

Okay, what is he on about?!?

The worst part of the interview? There was some seriously cringe-worthy statements made about African women. Like, just STAHP Brad. Pls stahp.

Then there was this nugget.

On to the photo series, shit just got weird. Wot u doin, Brad?

But dw, as there were more than enough lols to be made. This is a personal fave.

And this.

What a spectacular human vessel.

Thank you Brad. Thank you. Not since Benjamin Button have we seen such an exquisite evolution of man.