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The Guy With The Good Hair From ‘The Bachelorette’ Said The Cocktail Party Was Messier IRL

In last night’s Bachelorette premiere, Ali said goodbye to two guys we barely got to know: Ben and Brendan.

Ben was recognisable as Honey Badger 2.0 with the kangaroo scrotum pouch, while Brendan came in with the good hair and left just as swiftly, leaving a slight scent of TRESemmé hairspray behind him.

And if Brendan seemed familiar to you, he also appeared on a series of The Block back in the day, so this wasn’t his first reality rodeo.

We chatted to Brendan about his short-lived time on the show, and he served us up a delicious brew.

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On his time on the show:

“Oh, it was hectic. Last night was probably a toned down version of what actually happened. The night escalated early. And that’s what kinda threw everybody, it was like, are we back in high school, what’s the actual go here?  There’s a fight over here, a dance crew over there, Segways over here, Osher over there… and I was being a bit sarcastic, like, ‘I feel like we’re forgetting something, isn’t there meant to be a girl here?'”

On the drama with Paddy and Nathan:

“What we saw of Paddy and Nathan on the episode was a very consolidated, toned down version of the drama. Physically there wasn’t any more, but there was all the argy-bargy and the boys just measuring wands and all.

“If anybody was going to be able to cut in, Damien was the guy to do it. He is a ripper bloke, he was the only one that was going to be able to do it well without being clocked in the head.”

On the broken ‘bro code’:

“The first person to pull Ali away, as they were walking from point A to point B to sit down with her got interrupted by somebody as it happened. And that’s definitely when the bro code broke. That’s when the free for all started, it was just every man for himself.”

On Ali:

“I got about 10.3 seconds with her overall! Nah, just kidding, we had a good chat or two. We talked about past relationships and both being stuffed around but I appreciated her decisiveness of her sending me home first, rather than getting closer to the end. Ali’s not my usual type at all, I’ve never dated a blonde!”

On the filming process:

“We finished at 4:30 in the morning, by that stage you’re just cooked. I did an exit interview but it didn’t get to TV, not for the drama factor, but they were probably like ‘we can’t even understand what you’re saying, you’re making no sense!'”

On whether he’d pick The Block or The Bachelorette:

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“The Block popped my reality TV cherry and showed me how it [the filming] worked. But choosing between the two… what would I rather, razor blades or rusty nails? Nah, The Bachelorette.”

On who will win Ali’s heart:

“She’s going to be spoiled for choice, there are some genuine really quality blokes in there. Todd, Bill… I think those guys are in for a good run.”