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Damning Footage Has Surfaced Of Britney Spears Saying She Was About To “Pass Out” While Performing

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Britney Spears has finally broken her silence after over a decade of being under a conservatorship, telling a Los Angeles court that she is “traumatised” and “I just want my life back”.

“I’ve lied and told the whole world I’m OK and I’m happy. It’s a lie,” Spears told Judge Brenda Penny. Among the many allegations made against her 13-year conservatorship, Britney claimed that she has been “forced to perform while sick”. In the hours following her statement, a 2018 video was posted on Twitter by @ZacharyGordon95, which shows Britney complaining about having a high fever in the middle of an Atlanta show for her Piece Of Me tour.

“It’s going to be really, really hot up here — I’m warning you. I’m about to pass out. I’m sick,” she told the audience. “I actually have a 102 fever right now.”

Watch the footage below, it is so tragic:

Gordon claims that another video filmed on the same night shows Britney repeatedly scratching her chest as she performed:

In the court appearance, Britney claimed that she was given lithium when she refused to perform at her Las Vegas residency, and that she was told she was “not able” to get married or have a baby. She even alleged, “I have an [IUD] inside of myself right now so I don’t get pregnant. I wanted to take the [IUD] out so I could start trying to have a baby, but the so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don’t want me to have children — any more children.”

For what it’s worth, since giving her statement practically the entire internet has united in solidarity with Britney’s struggle for independence and agency over her own body.