Water spout forming over Moreton Bay (2013) Picture: Juliet Bates Via Couriermail

Buckle Your Seatbelt Dorothy – Oz Is Set To Get Smashed With Insane Storms This Weekend

Both Queensland and New South Wales will learn the hard way this weekend that the warmer seasons are behind us, as they cop a bashing from ya old mate, mother nature.

It’s time to face reality, winter is here in all its wild and miserable glory. Begin the countdown to summer – that’s 217,440 minutes away… but who’s counting?

This weekend southern Queensland and parts of northern NSW will face a similar weather system to the one which hit us on May 1, 2015. The BOM have issued a warning which highlights a trough which will generate heavy rain, leading to flash flooding over areas southeast of about Hervey Bay to Toowoomba to Warwick on Saturday.

They’re predicting 24 hour totals of 30 to 150mm of rain inland, with falls in excess of 250mm possible nearer to the coast and ranges. Then there’s gale force winds up to 100km/h and the coinciding full moon which will bring unusually big king tides and raising water levels. What does that mean exactly…

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Michael Knepp told ABC News that this should be considered a serious event, highlighting that lives have been lost. He said,

“If you recall last year, there were people who unfortunately did die, so if it’s flooded forget it.”

Today he told Newscorp,

“We are looking at a very significant weather event across southeast Queensland — I cannot stress this enough,” he said.

According to news.com.au, Brisbane City Council have received a briefing ahead of the weekend’s storm event. Queensland emergency are urging residents to batten down the hatches, stay away from waterways and to avoid driving on flooded roads.

Keep safe everyone!

View a live visualization of global weather conditions in the area below (updated every three hours):