Canberra’s Been Named One Of The Best Cities In The Word And Here’s 5 Underrated Reasons Why

Fans of Australia’s largest inland city, hold your heads high. Lonely Planet has just named Canberra as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit next year.

Actually, Canberra came in third (yes, that’s third in the world), beating out cities like Oslo, Antwerp and San Juan. It’s the highest an Australian city has ever ranked, which is proving, ah, controversial on Twitter. You can check out below our five underrated reasons why Canberra is actually pretty damn rad.

The Daily Tele was particularly salty about it, grudgingly running the news while noting Canberra “is not known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant night-life or rich historical importance”. Obviously whoever wrote this has never been to Mooseheads, which delivers at least two of the above most weekends.

According to Lonely Planet, though, the haters are wrong. They’ve dubbed our nation’s illustrious capital “criminally overlooked”, which makes for a pretty good ACT licence plate tbh. Chris Zeiher, the Lonely Planet writer who authored the guide’s Canberra chapter, described the city as “a bit of a hidden gem that has been hiding in plain sight”. 

We’ll never really know exactly what propelled Canberra to glory on this year’s list — the judging criteria includes “topicality, excitement and ‘x-factor’”, all of which mean nothing.

The guide does list food, upcoming test cricket, and the Australian War Memorial’s plans for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the WWI armistice as reasons to get on board, though, and reckons Canberra is home to “endless family-friendly and adventurous activities“. There are all pretty good reasons sure…

…but we reckon there are some underrated gems in Canberra waiting for you to discover. So we made a little video and set it to the most hectic version of our national anthem we could find.

5 Underrated Things About Canberra

Set to the most hectic remix of the national anthem we could find (by KillerCheezeburgers)

Article edited from the original posted on Junkee.