cancelling plans is ok meme

All The Best “Cancelling Plans Is OK” Memes That Prove Self-Care Is Important

If you spend any time online, you’ve probably noticed over the last week or so a new meme has taken life and it all starts with the phrase “cancelling plans is ok.”

The meme originally started earlier this year in a more earnest, heartfelt way when people were tweeting about how cancelling plans was ok, in order to take care of yourself.

But of course, Twitter loves turning things into a good joke or at least a viral sensation. Soon enough, people were tweeting about “cancelling plans” before taking the reader on a wild journey before ending the tweet with “do what you need to do to cope.”

Many were about movies and TV shows, highlighting the storylines we’ve seen in films ranging from Shrek to The Parent Trap to (on a darker note) Gone Girl: 

And some people have taken inspiration from the news cycle:

But sometimes, it’s hard to let go of past trauma: