Don’t Bother Packing For Splendour Because Carlton Dry’s Festival Kit Has Got You Covered

Brought to you by Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry. Underthink it.

A lot of people think music festivals require a whole bunch of preparation: mud-proof shoes, spare glow-sticks, that leaky tent you borrowed from your uncle…

But those people are idiots, because Carlton Dry knows EVERYTHING you need for a sweet, stress-free festival time at Splendour, and are willing to give it to you for free.

There’s no need to overthink festival preparation with the Carlton Dry UnderthinKIT, which has all the essentials – canned goods, gum-boots, dry suits (kinda like a poncho for your entire body), an entire ham. Like we said, essentials.

And, fortunately, if you don’t yet have your Splendour tickets sorted but still want to get amongst it, they’re slinging those, too.

And all you need to do to win an extremely cool festival kit is go to the Carlton Dry Facebook page and keep an eye out for one of four posts with information on how to enter.

In the meantime, watch the video below and try the dedicated Carlton Dry festival line for old time’s sake:

There’s no need to overthink festival preparation. Visit the Carlton Dry Facebook page to win!