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Gen Z Are Having Less Sex, So Here’s Why Everyone Should Do More Casual Bonking

Attention fellow youths: we’re not fucking enough.

There’s no delicate way of putting it, really. In a world where a seemingly infinite number of ready and willing casual sex friends exist at the swipe of a finger, we are not getting down and dirty as much as we should. Or at least as not as much as our parents were — you’re welcome for that mental image.

Don’t believe us? Check the cold, hard facts.

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Maybe you’re perpetually tired, prefer to stay home and watch Netflix instead of getting nasty on the dance floor, or simply CBF. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got some very good reasons why you should get your freak on, and get around the idea (and action) of casual sex.

Endorphins, Duh!

All those good feels you get from doing the dirty are thanks to endorphins — hormones that secrete in your brain and nervous system to make you feel all kinds of gooooood.

Plus, all those endorphins will help you sleep better and can even make you look better. No, for reals. Researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland found that those who did the business an average of four times a week appeared seven to 12 years younger.

Plus, sex gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Did someone say ‘a fun way to feel less depressed and lonely’?

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You’ll Learn More About Yourself

Practice makes perfect, and life is simply too short to be having subpar sex. So, if you’re screwing on the regular you’re going to be more in-tune with your body. You’ll be able to discover what you like, what you don’t like, how to please your partner and basically, how to be an absolute freak in the sheets.

It’s like a superpower. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it, and if you’re doing it with different people, you can trade skills and become a black belt in doing it.

Besides mastering sex, you’ll learn more about your sexuality. Everyone sits on a spectrum, so don’t be scared to try all the flavours of the rainbow and explore. You might just surprise yourself.

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Fucking On The Reg Increases Self-Esteem

Betchya didn’t know this one! Having sex is linked to having higher self-esteem, because you’re reminded that you’re a hot-as-shit sex god who is too damn attractive for your own good! Get it, bitch.

Yep, a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that people who enjoyed partaking in casual sex, or those having more of it, had a healthier self-esteem.

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And let’s have some real talk for a sec. It’s easy to feel self-conscious when you’re about to have sex because, well, you’re pretty much at your most vulnerable. But just know, whoever you’re doing it with is feeling the exact same way, and is probably too busy internally screaming to worry that your legs are spiky, or you have stretch marks, or whatever you’re stressing over.

Plus, when it starts to get hot and heavy, nobody is focussing on anything except having a good time, right? You’re a perfect angel/sex demon and you can do this.

Genuine Human Connection Who? I Don’t Know Her?

When was the last time you felt the loving touch of another human being? Ooft, way to spark an existential crisis!

But really, all we do is look at our phones all day, then go to sleep, and repeat. Would it really kill you to put yourself out there and meet someone and possibly have the sex with them? It’s the stuff that makes us human! Plus who knows, you might meet someone you want to fuck for the rest of your life.

Who says romance is dead?

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I’m going to do the part now where I’m going to sound like your mum, but it needs to be said, so shut up and listen.

Safe sex is the best sex. Nobody enjoys STI’s, so go to every precaution to keep yourself happy, healthy and free from infection and please, for the love of god, GET REGULARLY TESTED.

You’ll be surprised at the number of free clinics you can visit. It’s super discreet, and takes no time at all.

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And, if sex is no interest at all to you, or you’re asexual, you keep doing you! But to all the other mutually consenting adults, our stance is unchanged — go have some casual sex.