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ATTN CRAZY CAT PEOPLE: A ‘Cat Lovers Show’ Is Coming To Melbourne

Cat people, rejoice! A Cat Lovers Show is coming to Melbourne in late 2018. This is furr real and we’re feline pawsome!

Hitting up the Royal Exhibition Centre next September, the Cat Lovers Show will unite the crazy cat people of Melbourne, in their love of all things that are cat-alicious.

The two-day show is planning a huge host of events, with meet-and-greets with cats and kittens at the Breed Showcase, a Pat-a-Cat zone, and even a Cat Colosseum (yes, you read that right) which will showcase cats repping their skillz – with cats jumping and even skateboarding.

Awww! Think of all the head pats, nose boops and tootsie tickles!

There will be an Insta-Kitty red carpet too, where punters can meet some of the most famous cats on Instagram. The show works closely with shelters across the country to drive adoptions – with a Cat Adoption Zone – as well includes programs to educate visitors on responsible cat ownership.

It all sounds like a cat lovers dream, tbh. Sign me up!

The Cat Lovers Show will run from September 8 and Sunday September 9 in 2018.

Check out all the deets here.

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