To Celebrate International Women’s Day Here Are 21 Gifs Of Rihanna Being Boss

Everybody loves Rihanna because Rihanna is amazing and if you don’t love Rihanna then you are wrong and definitely reading the wrong content, so farewell.

Great, now that it’s just us Rihanna stans, let’s get to the good stuff. Riri gifs!!!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Rihanna being an absolute boss in every aspect of her life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a f***ing week. YES RIHANNA. You are an icon. Bring on the gifs.

LOOK at Riri glamming up and making history with this spectacular get up

Rihanna owns her style and her body

She rocks so many looks that say ‘this is my body and I’ll do whatever the f*** I want with it’

Related image

When asked “What are you looking for in your next man?”


Rihanna is done with your shit









Rihanna is so damn talented

Her music is fire.

Have you seen Rihanna DANCE!!!

She’s so redhot

And OWNS her sexuality

Seeing Riri be so unapologetically sexy is an inspiration. F*** the patriarchy, shake your ass if you wanna.

She’s incredible.

Also is there any aesthetic Rihanna can’t pull off?


Conclusion: Rihanna is a queen

All hale strong, empowered women like Riri. Girls can get it.

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