celebrities as snacks

People Are Reimagining Their Favourite Celebs As Snacks & We’re Hungry For Them

Surprise, celebrities are hot SNACKS.

For once we’re not just talking about Chris Hemsworth’s abs. Some genius literal thinkers have taken to Twitter to compare their favourite celebrities to delicious, mouth-watering snack foods.

This is what the internet was made for.

Here are some your favourite celebrities reimagined as tasty snacks:

#1. Rihanna as cakes

#2. Chris Hemsworth as Doritos

#3. Chris Evans as donuts


#4. Ariana Grande as ice cream

#5. Brie Larson as M&Ms

#6. Henry Cavill as Pringles

#7. Cole Sprouse as alcohol

#8. Tessa Thompson as Pringles

#9. Harry Styles as juice

#10. Chris Evans as Doritos

 #11. Oscar Isaac as soft drinks

#12. Halsey as coffee

#13. Lady Gaga as Krispy Kreme donuts

Who’s hungry?