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David Was Fired From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Last Night & His Stans Are Not Coping

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Put out your fake Survivor idols! David Genat was fired from Celebrity Apprentice last night and the stans are not OK.

Lord Alan Sugar broke a whole lot of hearts on Sunday night’s episode, as he fired David and saved Ross Noble and Josh Gibson. The firing came about on the back of a social media challenge, where each team had to create a viral video involving dogs.

Instagram queen Martha Kalifatidis led the Fun-Raisers in a video series which took the piss out of what dogs really think about their owners. While much to his team’s dismay, Ross decided that the best way for Team Momentum to create a viral video was to create a movement, making a video that ended in a bunch of dogs dying in a car. Grim!

To the surprise of no one, the Fun-Raisers were awarded the win. In the boardroom, Ross singled out of David and Josh for not contributing enough ideas. In response, David said that Ross acted like a “dictator” and wouldn’t accept any help. It was immediately clear from the boardroom’s vibe that Lord Sugar wanted to seize the chance to call out David’s sneaky strategy so far this season, where he often shirks responsibility so he can never be held accountable.

David’s known as an evil genius when it comes to Australian Survivor, and it obvious watching him that he was attempting to go under the radar — much like he would do at the beginning of every Survivor season. But Survivor is not the same game as Celebrity Apprentice and Lord Sugar was having none of it.

However, not everyone agreed that David should be the one to go, when it was Ross’ idea that was the team’s downfall:

After a lot of back and forth between Ross and David, ultimately Lord Sugar said that based on previous challenges, Ross had contributed more to his team — while David had been coasting along, playing a strategic game like he would on Survivor. “You think you’re the Wolf of Wall Street Dave,” Lord Sugar told the supermodel. “It’s more like the poodle of Parramatta.” Savage!

David was fired and tried to defend himself, asking, “Do I get to say something now?” but was denied any parting words.

David’s stans are devastated to see him go so early in the Celebrity Apprentice season:

I wholly support this…

The only upside to David’s firing is that it looks like he will be brought back tonight in some kind of advisor capacity. King shit. You can’t keep the Golden God down for long.

Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9.