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People Are Calling Out ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ For Not Firing Martha Last Night

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On last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, Martha Kalifatidis escaped her third boardroom firing and it’s got viewers wondering: would she still be safe if she wasn’t a popular Married at First Sight star?

Martha led the Fun-Raisers on Sunday night’s episode as team leader, in a challenge where each team had to design a range of swimwear for Budgy Smuggler. Given that about a third of Martha’s Instagram fed is sexy swimwear snaps, you’d think she would be perfect for this challenge. But ooft, what a mess.

Martha made a lot of mistakes. Worst of all was not choosing Camilla Franks — and actual fashion designer — to be one of the designers. She corrected this eventually, but the team lost a lot of its prep time. This was time that could have been put into the runway show, which was a disaster and the reason the Fun-Raisers failed the task.

Anthony and Shaynna were both in charge of the event, so when it came to Martha choosing who to bring into the boardroom with her, they were easy pickings. In the boardroom, it was Martha Vs. Anthony — and it was dramatic!

Martha and Anthony accused each other of basically the same thing: not doing enough to contribute to the challenge. Martha said that because the event was Anthony’s responsibility the blame lied with him, while Anthony rejected this claim, telling Lord Alan Sugar that he didn’t get any direction from Martha, so she failed as the team leader.

Most people on Twitter sided with Anthony and said it was Martha’s time to go:

However, Martha didn’t get fired. She escaped Lord Sugar’s pointed finger, even though this was the first time Anthony was called into the boardroom and it was Martha’s third. In fact, every time Martha’s team has failed, she has been brought in as the team leader’s weakest link.

It’s hard to know exactly what Lord Sugar was thinking when he fired Anthony instead of Martha, but it hasn’t sat right with many viewers. So far, fired contestants have been sent home for a lot less than Martha’s many missteps. For example, Olivia Vivien was fired last week for her weak leadership skills in a restaurant challenge, despite the fact that the main reason they lost the task was that Martha (the head chef)  hadn’t cooked the dumplings early enough. In this case, the team leader was fired while the person responsible for the task fail was saved.

Would the fact that Olivia is one of the least famous celebs in the cast have anything to do with Lord Sugar’s decision? Hmm, choices.

There’s no denying that Lord Sugar’s judging is inconsistent and some fans suspect that Martha is being protected by the producers:

Lucky for Martha, she has a fourth chance to save herself.

Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9.