Here Are ALL The Celebs Starring In Wes Anderson’s Latest Film About Doggos

Brought to you by Isle Of Dogs

With an incredible all-star voice cast and Wes Anderson’s signature wit and spectacular visuals, 'Isle of Dogs' is a must-see.

Isle Of Dogs is the latest offering from legendary director Wes Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr Fox), and wowza, he really got quite the collection of good boys (and girls!) to provide the voices for some big ol’ puppers. Here’s your guide to all of them.

Bryan Cranston, Chief 

From Breaking Bad to Malcolm in the Middle, we already know this man can catch whatever is thrown it him. And who better to be leader of the dogs than Chief, a tough canine with a heart of gold, who helps Atari on his journey to find his beloved Spots?

Liev Schreiber, Spots

Okay, even though Liev has run with some wolves before as Sabretooth in the Wolverine series, this is a different ball game, as he plays Spot, who has been quarantined an island in Japan to avoid canine-flu, and loses his owner in the process.

Scarlett Johansson, Nutmeg 

Scarlett Johansson has already starred in a Japanese-based movie once (Lost In Translation), and reunites with Bill Murray (who plays Boss), to provide the voice for Nutmeg, a sassy caramel canine who helps Atari find Spot and evade the cops while doing so.

Tilda Swinton, Oracle 

Keeping up with past appearances (read: Doctor Strange), Tilda Swinton plays a mysterious Oracle dog, living on Trash Island with the rest of the gang of Alpha pups running the show.

Koyu Rankin, Atari 

Newcomer Koyu is only nine years old, but already cutting his teeth in this epically hilarious and heart-warming film. He plays Atari, a boy who adores his dog Spots, and has to pull out all the stops to find him when they become separated.

Yoko Ono, Yoko-Ono-San

She doesn’t often make cameos, but when she does, it is magical. Don’t you love that Yoko’s character is named after her? Instantly iconic.

Bill Murray, Boss

How can you have a fun, eclectic film with a strong moral grounding without the king of versatility himself? He has played every role in Hollywoof – sorry, I mean Hollywood – so it makes sense that he is the voice for the strong leader Boss.

Greta Gerwig, Tracy Walker

Greta is on fire right now, with her directorial masterpiece Ladybird achieving a huge amount of critical acclaim. But now, her voice is on the other side of the camera (…if that makes sense) as she plays human Tracy Walker.

Have you ever seen such a star-studded list? Now, imagine them all as dogs! Who wouldn’t take a trip out to Trash Island to hang out with this gang?

Wes Anderson’s adorable new canine comedy Isle of Dogs is in cinemas April 12. Catch the trailer below.

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