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22 Times Celeste Barber Was A National Treasure

Celeste Barber is an icon and an Australian treasure. That’s just a hard fact. If you didn’t know this already, simply look at Celeste’s efforts to raise funds for the bushfire crisis devastating our country right now.

At the moment the fundraising page on Facebook that Celeste set up on Friday evening has raised a staggering $34 million and it’s set to continue. Celeste is one of an increasing number of celebs and influencers using their social media reach to help raise money for fireys, bushfire victims and wildlife.

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Celeste, you’ll know her for hilariously roasting models and taking the piss out of the unreachable beauty ideals often seen on Instagram. She told Vogue Portugal in 2019, “I started doing those photos imitating celebrities to make people laugh and to draw attention to the way the industry treats women, as objects instead of people.”

Bringing joy and laughter to the masses is what Celeste does best and here are all the times she proved she was an Aussie icon we don’t even deserve.

Here are all the times Celeste Barber was a national treasure:

#1. When she was the perfect model

#2. When she stole Kylie Jenner’s look

#3. When she spoke a higher truth than Kendall Jenner

#4. When she knew that sex sells… and so does pizza

#5. When she tried to give her best Cardi B impression and nailed it

#6. When she was all of us first thing in the morning

#7. When Miley Cyrus was her favourite muse

#8. Like seriously, Celeste can’t get enough Miley

#9. When she danced like nobody was watching

#10. The woman can truly move

#11. When she showed off her impressive flexibility

#12. And her musical talents

#13. When she revealed her other skills, like skipping

#14. And fitting into small spaces

#15. The woman truly knows how to improvise

#16. When her and husband Api took the piss out of oversharing insta-couples

#17. Even roasting Kimye

#18. Or trying to maniacally dance like this random Latino couple

#19. Like seriously, some of these attempts deserve a prize

#20. When she shook what her mumma gave her

#21. When shared the cover of Vogue Portugal with Irina Shayk

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IM A VOGUE COVER GIRL! Oh and so is @irinashayk.

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#22. Before she went solo on the cover of fucking Vogue Australia

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IM THE EDIDTOR IN CHIEF OF @vogueaustralia. Obvs.

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