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Charlie Self-Destructed On Bachy Tonight & Viewers Are Applauding Ali For Taking A Stand

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Wow. So. Umm. Where to begin? Charlie finally left The Bachelorette tonight, after refusing to let Ali meet his fam which resulted in a heated argument where he served her an ultimatum.

It was a lot to take in and from my memory, it’s the first of its kind for the series. Not only did Charlie tell Ali she wouldn’t meet his family because she wasn’t committed to just dating him exclusively, he pretty much asked her to break the entire format of the series and leave the competition with him.

The worst part is he came across condescending, as though trying to coach her through the whole thing. Bear in mind, Ali is the damn Bachelorette and has been through this process before herself. In Tim Robards’ season, she went through the home visits experience and soon after had her heart broken.

I’m angry in ways I didn’t know I could be angry. Anyway, the whole thing came to an explosive end at the cocktail party, as Charlie told Ali:

“I can see myself falling in love with you but the one thing missing is it just being you and me. The issue for me, and it really eats me up, is that we’re not exclusive because you are committed to other people in here.”

“You’re seeing someone else and it’s not right. In the real world you’d call that unfaithful, in here it’s The Bachelorette.”

I mean, yep. That’s the format of the show, buddy.

Ali clapped back, “You’ve known that I haven’t been exclusive to you from day dot, so I don’t know what it is now that you feel like that you can’t fall in love with me because we can’t be exclusive.”

It just doesn’t end.

“You have the final say in this Ali. I don’t. I can’t help but be confused,” said Charlie. To this, Ali rightly replied, “You can’t help but want the control!”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Write that on a bumper sticker.

The convo just kept getting more aggressive, as Charlie accused Ali of twisting his words.

“I’m not twisting your words, I’m trying to comprehend what you’re telling me,” Ali told him. To this, Charlie replied, “No, you’re thinking worst case scenario, you’re thinking negative [regarding] to what I’ve said.”

I love that men can read minds. It’s nifty.

Charlie finished by telling 32-year-old Ali that “not everything is a fairytale,” before ending with the belittling sentiment of, “I know you don’t get it and that’s a real shame. Did you go away and think about this properly or just the worst case scenario?”


Thankfully, Ali did just that. “Okay, leave. Take care. Be okay. Know that I’ll be thinking of you. Bye,” our Bachy queen said, serving an epic final clap back.


Viewers are bloody furious with the dude.

Most are applauding Ali for finally showing Charlie the door.