FCKN DEVO: Charlotte Crosby Has Quit Geordie Shore

Noooooo! Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has quit the show after an exhaustive Twitter and media battle with co-star and ex Gary Beadle.

The reality TV star and creator of the 3 Minute Belly Blitz fitness DVD, wrote a series of heartfelt tweets (now deleted) directed at her former flame, calling Garry out as a “liar and a cheat”.

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For anyone that hasn’t watched the show, Charlotte is the bloody life and soul of Geordie Shore and her sudden exit will be devastating.

This announcement comes as a shock to MTV who have been promoting the latest series of Geordie Shore, a celebratory ‘Birthday Battle’. The 13th series has seen the house divided under team Garry vs Charlotte- as they bid to throw the best parties.

The show, shot late last year, captured a happy Gaz and Charlotte and tempts viewers with what they’ve wanted to see for the last 5 years: Chaz. Last night’s episode was a particularly love-filled one.

Confused about the sudden change?

Charlotte’s decision to leave the successful show comes days after she revealed she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy earlier in the year. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilised egg develops in the fallopian tube.

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Charlotte was rushed to the ER and underwent surgery, and has said that while she was dealing with this, Gaz was filming for Ex On The Beach, another MTV show. On that show he went on to hook up with three women.

After telling her story to The Daily Mail UK, fans of the show found out why Gaz was noticeably absent from its 5th birthday celebrations. While she confirms they were never officially together, Charlotte says that there is no going back from the past year – and the pregnancy.

Gaz has commented on the situation, in an open letter published on The Daily Star, dubbed “his side of the story”, Garry explains that he’d rather clear his name than retweet fans’ responses to the latest episode of season 5 which aired on Tuesday night.

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In the letter he gave away some season 13 gossip and says Charlotte jeopardised any relationship by hooking up with their cast member Marty McKenna on a night out.

Viewers of the show weren’t happy and took to Twitter to share their views.

More to come…

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