Real Housewives Sydney

CHEATSHEET: Your Guide To The Real Housewives Of Sydney Via Their Melbourne Doppelgangers

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Last night the Real Housewives of Sydney lit up our TVs for the very first time, and the ladies brought with ’em drama aplenty.

But who are all these women?!

For us loyal Real Housewives of Melbourne fans it can be difficult to compute all the new faces. Thankfully, it seems the producers have followed their tested formula, casting similar personalities to the matriarchs we already love and know so well. It also helps that the Sydney folk are legit doppelgangers for the Melbourne housewives, so keeping up couldn’t be easier.

To prove their similarities, we’ve put together this simple cheat sheet. As you’ll quickly see, these ain’t no random bunch of women. There’s a definite pattern to the casting.

Lisa = Gina

She’s glamorous and she dominates the conversation. Lisa is a savvy business woman who craves the spotlight and is one coat of mascara away from morphing into a full drag queen. Lisa is Gina 2.0.

Athena = Pettifleur

Athena from the first millisecond she entered that limo was not interested in making any friends. She says the wrong thing all the time and this paired with her weird AF sense of fashion has her on her way to becoming a Pettifleur in the making.

Krissy = Lydia

Krissy is one to watch and will bring the drama. Like her doppelganger Lydia, she likes starting trouble, and her cheeky personality will have her smack-bam in the middle of every argument.

Matty = Jackie

Matty doesn’t fluff about with feelings and always speaks her mind. Born outside of Australia, she still has deep ties to her European background. She’s only missing a ‘professional rockstar’ hubby.


Nicole = Chyka

The beauty queen turned entrepreneur is already proving herself as the peace-keeper. She’s also an events specialist and raises an idyllic family. Watch out Chyka, she is single-white female’n your ass.


Victoria = Janet

Cougar alert? Victoria is single and ready to mingle, and Janet better watch her back.


Melissa = Gamble

The two practically look like sisters. Here’s hoping Melissa will bring some extra fun to series, and like Gamble, call it like she sees it when the other girls are beating around the bush.


Well, there you have it! The proof is in the pudding. We can’t complain though – just bring us the drama! Real Housewives of Sydney is on every Sunday on Foxtel’s Arena.

Images via Arena.