How To Tell If You’re Actually Just A Character On A Cliché Teen Show

Almost all the teen shows out there follow a similar basic formula and, every time, we eat that shit right up. I guess good looking people + draaaamaaa is a surefire win.

Sometimes after an impressive amount of binge-watching teen dramas, the lines between fiction and reality can get pretty damn blurry. Things can be confusing in the post-binge haze and it’s easy to forget what world you’re actually living in.

So, if you ever get a confused and feeling like, “Hey wait a sec, is this the real world? Or am I just a character living in a cliché teen TV show?”, then don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few simple questions to check in with when you’re suspicious that you might just be a high school TV character.

1. Are you ridiculously good looking?

2. Are you surrounded by only good looking people?

Image result for the o.c.

3. Are you in your early-to-mid 20s but attending high school??

4. Is your school uniform kinda ridiculous?

5. Are you perhaps a bit overdressed for the day?

6. Are you always, always perfectly dolled up?

7. Are you always sporting the work of professional makeup artists?

8. And always sporting perfect hair?

9. Do you find yourself waking up with a face full of makeup?

10. Is your best friend also your worst friend?

Image result for serena and blair fighting gif

11. Are you stuck in a love triangle?

12. Do you have zero concept of appropriate school behaviour?

13. Do you have an alarmingly high crime rate in your town?

14. Like, do people keep dying and shit?

15. Do melodramatic plots keep unfolding all around you?

16. Do you do literally no school work? Attend basically zero classes?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to some or all of the above, you might just be a character in a cliché teen show.

It’s a wild ride so hope for the best!