kendall jenner tristan thompson

Pls Enjoy This Clip Of Kendall Jenner Booing Tristan Thompson At A B’Ball Game

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There are few petty things I enjoy more in this world than the Kardashian sisters getting revenge on the men that have fucked up their fam’s lives. It’s like my oxygen.

In today’s addition of ‘don’t fuck with Kardashians’, Kendall Jenner was spotted booing filthy cheater Tristan Thompson while courtside at the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Philadelphia 76ers game.

Here’s the moment that will forever go down in history:

While I’d love to take this clip for what it appears to be, a simple but effective way to derail a man who has hurt your sister, it looks like Kenny may have been booing Thompson ‘cos her rumoured boyfriend Ben Simmons was on the other team.

After the clip went viral, Khloe jumped into the convo to explain that there was no shade intended, writing to a Twitter user, “My sister was watching HER man play against my man… So of course she’s going to heckle the opposing team.”

Either way, I’m taking this as a point against Thompson. I’m sure he won’t mind, the basketball player spent Thanksgiving with Khloe and baby True, so seems to have been forgiven for all the shit he put their fam through back in April.

Men, amirite?!