I Tried The Famous Hair Mask That Promises To Transform Your Hair In Just 5 Minutes

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At the age of 31, I’ve put my poor hair through a lot of trauma over the years.

From my ’00s emo days (jet black, red streaks), to my blonde phase, and my Hayley Williams red phase that nearly destroyed my hair forever, it’s been through some shit. Then throw in a burnout in 2020 where I started shedding hair like there was no tomorrow, pulling clumps out in the shower, promising myself that if it stopped shedding I’d learn to take better care of my hair again (and you know, up my Vitamin D intake).

In lockdown 2021, I put the dark brown hair dye down. There’s nothing like four months of not seeing a hairdresser to really convince you to start embracing your roots, quite literally.


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(For context, this is the colour we were dealing with for many years.)

Fast forward to 2022 and my hair has been in much better condition. My wizard hairdressers at Yeah Hair Baby in Marrickville have managed to give me some highlights that blend up to my stunningly beige roots for a more natural effect, and I’m even growing a new mini fringe on the side of my temples after the Great Hair Loss of late 2020-early 2021.

My at-home hair care isn’t anything spectacular. I wash 2-3 times a week, I make sure as fuck not to shampoo my ends, and every now and then I use the Kiehl’s magic elixir on my roots (which I bloody love for what it’s worth).

So when I got an email about Coco & Eve’s new bond repair range, with a Sweet Repair Hair Mask promising to transform my hair in just five minutes, they had my attention.

The mask is all about targeting strands that are weakened by heat, chemical damage, and colour – basically, everything that happens to my hair.

With a mix of hyaluronic acid, vegan keratin, and biomimetic ceramides, the mask promises to address daily hair damage to increase the resistance of hair fibres while reducing breakage and strengthening the hair shaft.

Now, hair masks promise a lot in very little time and if you’re like me — someone with thin hair and who gets oily on the scalp easily — some masks do more harm than good. I’ve definitely used some before that make it seem like I’ve washed it out, and then mere hours later gone and dipped my head in a vat of oil.

I’m very thrilled to announce the Coco & Eve experience was nothing like this.

Here’s my experience, as a thin-haired oily scalp gal, trying Coco & Eve’s Sweet Repair Hair Mask.

Firstly, to really test the merits of this mask, I had to put my hair through some life experiences. I had recently gone to the hairdresser where they put in a toner, so I waited a good couple of weeks before even thinking about the mask.

Finally, the ideal week lined up. I had a near-perfect gym and sport attendance for the week, meaning at some stage I was sweating through my poor hair. This was followed by a Northlane gig, which if you’re into emo or metal music I need to say no more.

By Friday (with the last wash being Tuesday morning) I was dry-shampooing the fuck out of my hair, promising myself if I got through one more pilates class on Saturday, it was TIME.

For some unknown reason, I got to the gym one hour early on Saturday morning so sweated it out on the treadmill before realising I had booked myself in for an athletic version of my usual relatively chill reformer pilates class. Mistakes, we all make them. Thankfully though, this meant my hair was really tested one last time before being greatly rewarded.

Here’s what we were dealing with before I put the mask in:

coco and eve hair repair mask

I don’t need to point out the flaws to you. We’re dry, we’re matted, we’ve got an oily scalp, we’ve got flyaways for days.

But! Here’s post-mask:


I think the first photo shows it all: even with my TERRIBLE bathroom light, you can see the gloss and shine that my hair now has again. Magic! (Sorry for my undone nails, we can’t have everything perfect all at once.)

Some helpful notes:

Remember hair masks are best used for ends and mid-length. I did not put this product ANYWHERE near my scalp. The product recommends leaving it in for 5-10 minutes, and I landed somewhere on the six-minute mark before I washed it out.

It’s also worth noting at this stage I have only used the product once and I loved the results of the shine, hydration, and overall texture of my hair after use — but I haven’t used it consistently enough to report on what effects it has over time. And for anyone wondering, I used the mask on a Saturday afternoon and needed to wash my hair again by Tuesday evening, which lines up with my usual pattern of hair washing.

You can buy the Sweet Repair hair mask for $51.90 right here

Please note this product was provided free of charge to Punkee, but under no guarantees to write a positive review. We only like to write about the products that do work for us.