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Coke Is Releasing Four New Flavours & We Want To Try ‘Em All

Coke is rolling out a new range of Diet Coke flavours, and tbh they sound fucking delish.

On Wednesday, the company announced that they are releasing a modernised Diet Coke packaging, following a new ad campaign and some brand-spankin’ new flavours.

Via Coca-Cola

While the classic Diet Coke will still be sticking around, it will be joined by these four new flavours:

  • Ginger Lime
  • Feisty Cherry
  • Zesty Blood Orange
  • Twisted Mango

YES PLEASE. We actually want to try them all. While we’ve tasted versions of Coca-Cola before with hints of cherry and lime flavouring, blood orange and mango are brand new to us and sound like the perfect summer thirst quencher.

Coca-Cola said that they’ve spent two years developing the new flavours, testing more than 30 new Diet Coke flavour combos.

We don’t know yet when the new flavours will hit Aussie shelves so stay tuned folks.

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