Literally Just A Bunch Of Tweets From Cole Sprouse That Are Damn Funny

We all know Cole Sprouse is perfect as the brooding Jughead on Riverdale. But he’s also pretty damn hilarious on Twitter too.

Not afraid to poke fun at himself, his twin brother Dylan, or society in general, here’s a round-up of some of his best tweets.

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1. When he found out about his untimely demise.

2. When his past came back to haunt him.

3. And when he had no choice but to stand up for himself.

4. When he went in on other ~professionals~ in his area.

5. When he dropped this truth bomb.

6. And this one.

7. When he offered some sage advice.

8. Time and time again.

9. When he gave some thoughts on how to measure success.

10. When he roasted his twin brother.

11. Numerous times.

12. When he showed off that he had creative… skills… from an early age.

13. When he raised a valid point that the men of Tinder should take note of.

14. When he was there for his fans.

15. And when he shared some of his biggest regrets.

Never change, Cole.

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