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We Asked An Expert To Debunk Some Common Condom Myths

It’s not every day you get offered an interview with a condom expert.

While condoms should be a staple in your sexual escapades (just don’t literally staple them) there’s often a lot of misconceptions surrounding them: from affecting feeling and sensation during sex, to the fact a strange amount of people think they’re… reusable.

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With so many myths flying around and Dolly Doctor in retirement, we got Vice President of Operations at LifeStyles (aka condom expert), KC Nguyen, to answer some of the hard questions for us.

(Yes, that pun was absolutely intended.)

What are the biggest condom mistakes people make?

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“The biggest condom mistake people often make is choosing the wrong size.  For some reason, people always think that they have to have the biggest condom size of all without realising that using the wrong size will impact the performance tremendously.”

Males often complain of condoms cutting off their sensitivity. Why do condoms promise the feeling of sensation but then fail to deliver?

“This is due to condom acting as a barrier at the interface.  However, there are a few ways that you can heighten the sensitivity by:

  • The right material – the softer the material, the better comfort and of course sensitivity. For example, SKYN condoms are made from polyisoprene (PI) material which is much softer than traditional NRL (natural rubber latex).
  • Buy the thinnest condom – the thinner the condom the better sensitivity it will deliver.
  • Keeping extra lubricated – having extra lubricant will also reduce the friction at the interface and enhance the sensitivity.”

What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding condoms?

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 “The biggest misconception is that condoms can be reused.  Every condom is designed for single use only. Besides increasing the risk of tearing, pregnancy and infection (STIs), it is unsafe and unhygienic. The other misconception is that condoms are compatible with whatever lubricant you are using to enhance the sensitivity. However, using the wrong lubricant such as Vaseline can cause condom breakage due to material incompatibility.”

Have you ever heard any wild stories of people trying to use something else in place of a condom? 

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“Absolutely… not only with condoms but also with lubricant as well. Mostly with kitchen items like Glad Wrap and coconut oil.”

What are the most likely reasons for a condom to break?

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“Having a wrong condom size and using incompatible lubricant.”

Do condom sizes really matter?

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“Yes, because a good-fitting condom will prevent slippage and breakage. One that is too small will lead to breakage, and too large will lead to slippage.”

What’s the biggest object a stretched condom could fit over?

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“Condoms can be inflated with more than 60L of air…so I will leave it for your own imagination!”