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COP-OUT: Ch Nine Responds To Katy Perry ‘Live Performance’ Controversy On The Voice

While Channel Nine promoted the appearance of Katy Perry on The Voice as a “live performance“, the factuality of this big dirty lie quickly unraveled.

Perry was spotted entering Sydney airport seemingly at the same time she was on stage during the finale of the reality singing competition. This led to viewers puzzled as to why the network would so blatantly lie about the songstress appearing live. Either that or she exists in multiple dimensions and can shift through time and space. Probably unlikely.

Now Channel Nine has released a statement addressing the controversy, well sort of.

No apology was made and the matter of the network promoting Katy’s performance as live – which was obviously false – was not mentioned.

‘There are instances where we have to pre-record a performance just prior to the broadcast because of the demands of staging,’ said executive producer John Walsh.

‘The production complexities of performances like Katy’s means sets can’t always be struck and re-set during the time allowed by a commercial break,’ he added.

Yep. That’s it. No admission of wrong-doing, rather just an explanation of the ins and outs of live TV.

Where’s the apology?

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