Punkee Corey Worthington

Party Boi Corey Worthington Confirmed To Be In The New Season Of ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’

Party boi Corey Worthington is finally returning to our TVs, but this time he is not being scolded by an A Current Affair reporter for being a hero and throwing a lit AF party. Instead, he will compete in Australian Ninja Warrior.

Corey posted a pic of himself below a Ninja Warrior sign to his Instagram last week, writing “Looking forward to being part of Ninja Warrior season 2! Get behind it Australia”.

We’re behind it Corey. Don’t you worry.

While this had previously been reported as just a rumour, the show have since confirmed that indeed our boi Corey will star in the upcoming season.

Host Ben Fordham told News.com.au that Worthington applied to the show and seems up for the challenge.

“We didn’t go looking for him. He watched Ninja Warrior last year like everyone else and it turns out he’s a fit little fella these days and he wanted to have a crack,” he said.

“This guy was there one minute and gone the next and I don’t think anyone has probably given too much thought to him in the meantime… But he has been doing something behind the scenes since then because he is buff!”

The best part is that apparently Corey’s infamous yellow sunglasses will make a triumphant return. Fordham said he “can confirm that the sunglasses did get a run on the Ninja Warrior course.”

“I’m not sure that he kept them on [for the full run] because if they had fallen off mid-obstacle and had hit the water it would have been an instant disqualification.

“I’m pretty sure he threw them over at Freddie Flintoff who wore them while Corey was going through the course.”

We are legit so fucking excited for this.

If you need a refresher on where it all began, check out Corey’s post-party interview below: