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All The OG Couples Broke Up On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Twitter’s Living For The Drama

Well, that escalated quickly. Tonight’s ep of Bachelor In Paradise shifted things dramatically. One second Michael was gabbing on about stirring up drama in the rose ceremony, the next we were witnessing the dissolution of some of our fave Bachy couples, including Lisa and Luke in addition to Nina and Eden.

Our hearts can’t/won’t take this!

In pursuit of fucking shit up, Michael gave Lisa his rose. In his words he “dogged the boys”. Dogged indeed they were, as Luke looked far from impressed and scrambled to work out who he should pick instead.

By the end of the rose ceremony we had THREE new couples: Lisa and Michael, Eden and Elora, and errr…Luke and Keira. It’s the biggest shake-up the series has seen soo far and I need a lie-down.

While we still have hope that Lisa and Luke will reunite, Eden’s decision left Nina roseless and she had to leave the island. As Nina said her final goodbyes, she dropped this nugget about Eden on her way out:

“If you’re not going to put out, he’s sending you home.”

Damn. There is clearly no love lost between these two.

Which is extra awkies considering it looks like in next week’s previews that Elora ain’t that keen on Eden. It’s doubtful Eden will last much longer without Nina. Only love can hurt like this.

With Neden over (just made that up) and Luke and Lisa (Luksa?) parting ways, at least temporarily, viewers can’t cope with all the heartbreak.

But tbh Twitter is LIVING for this drama:

We were gagging for drama and they FINALLY delivered.

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