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These Kiwi Innovators Created Their Own Island To Avoid An Alcohol Ban & It’s Everything 2018 Needs

Not all heroes wear capes but they do go to ridiculous lengths to sink a few tinnies on New Year’s Eve.

A group of everyday innovators used their initiative to construct a sand island in an attempt to avoid a public drinking ban.

The New Zealanders on the CoromandePeninsulala were not going to abide by the ‘no booze’ ban on the beach. So instead of breaking the rules, they built a sand island on a sandbar while the sea was at low tide on Sunday afternoon.

They even installed a picnic table and an ice box to keep their bevs cool. No one was stopping these Kiwis from getting their dranks on this NYE.

Look at these legends. They’re beached az, bro.

Locals joked that since the group of party-goers were in ‘international waters’ they were exempt from the law and in turn the liquor ban. Okay, they were merely metres from shore but I see no problem here.

Stuff.NZ are reporting that the group stayed on their island, drinking into the night and watching the fireworks from the comfort of their hooch-friendly new settlement.

This is the ingenuity that 2018 needs.

Folks on Twitter are celebrating the group for sticking it to the man.

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