18 Kids’ TV Shows That Left Us All Emotionally Scarred Forever

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Growing up as a kid in Australia, often the highlight of any day was getting home from school and switching on the TV. But looking back it seems the majority of shows that aired for the younger demographic were extremely disturbing.

While these shows might have been intended for kids, their unsettling images have led to years of psychological torment and have left some serious emotional scars.

The TV shows that aired after school around the ’90s and early ’00s in Australia were err… unique, to say the least. As an adult rewatching some of these horrific scenes involving faceless dolls and scarecrows that come alive, I really don’t know how anyone thought this was appropriate material for kids.

No one needed to see these things. No one.

Here are 18 kids’ TV shows that are very much not okay:

#1. Dinosaurs

Oh boy, Dinosaurs creeped me out so bad. It all came down to one specific episode called ‘If I Were A Tree’ and it was horrific.

#2. Lift Off

Who thought a creepy doll with no face was an appropriate TV character for a children’s show?! I demand answers.

#3. Gogs

This is just wrong. The noises. Their angry faces. I can’t.

#4. Rocko’s Modern Life

I’m still not over that talking spleen scene but the entire show always grossed me out.

#5. Freaky Stories

I can’t and won’t take this.

#6. Planet Cook

I often see Bouma standing in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis.

#7. Johnson and Friends

Ah Johnson and Friends, the most horrific TV show to ever exist. To refresh your memory, here’s the theme:

This is what I actually saw:

#8. Count Duckula

This is not okay! It’s cursed!

#9. Funnybones

The intro alone is enough for me to switch the channel and never return.

#10. Mulligrubs

Holy hell! Demon! Demon!!

#11. Goosebumps

Slappy still straight-up terrifies me.

#12. Aaahh! Real Monsters!

Every time Ickis grew huge, I lost my shit.

#13. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

How did this show even get made?! It’s clearly for adults and should have aired after 10pm.

#14. Round The Twist

Most of this series is truly cooked but the scarecrow episode is an absolute horror show.

#15. Gumby

I find claymation creepy at the best of times but Gumby is the worst.

#16. Bump In The Night

Do kids really need any more reasons to be too scared to look under their beds at night?

#17. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

It’s pretty obvious why this series made the list and I for one never want to be invited to join the Midnight Society.

#18. Franciscus Henricus

This might not have been a TV series but the song ‘White Pyjamas’ routinely played between ABC shows and still haunts me to this day.

I’m sorry but we are all cursed forever!!