Cute Dog Gifs

Here’s 50 Adorable Dog & Cat Gifs To Cheer Up Your Friday

It seems the world is falling apart at the moment. We get a sense of how bleak it really is when there’s no need to list out factors to justify that opening statement.

If you’re anything like us, your newsfeed is currently filled with stories inciting fear, hatred, and finger-pointing. Rather than add to that noise, we had another idea that went something like this: “let’s waste an hour of time compiling adorable animal gifs”. Although it’s no easy job, someone had to do it and I got the short straw.

We hope these adorable creatures – and their little knowledge of the human atrocities surrounding them – bring you a little bit of joy and brighten your day.

Please enjoy our cutting edge journalism:

50 Adorable Cat & Dog Gifs, Because Why The Hell Not


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