dan hong nasi goreng

Dan Hong Has Created KFC Zinger Nasi Goreng & We Want It Immediately

At least 97% of us have experimented with some sort of cooking hacks in isolation. I just made that statistic up but I’m also sure it’s true.

Legendary chef Dan Hong (Mr Wong, Queen Chow, Ms. G’s etc.)  has been uploading all sorts of mouthwatering dishes during this time of lockdown creating all sorts of fusion recipes guaranteed to make you salivate.

From teaching people how to make the iconic cheeseburger spring rolls, to a ‘Bánh mì Phở’ steak sandwich, Dan has been busy cooking up an array of dishes on his Instagram page and it’s actually giving me the motivation to stop eating so many packet soups.

Now Dan has teamed up with KFC to create the Zinger Nasi Goreng and I’ve truly never wanted something more in my life, even if it is 10 am as I write this sentence.

Even better, Dan has uploaded a video showing us exactly how to create the recipe ourselves.

I literally want to order this for lunch right now.

And in case you’re motivated enough to make this yourself, KFC has assured us that all you have to do to create this dish on your own is ask any KFC branch to purchase the Zinger fillets separately or as a box special. In the KFC app you can also order the Zinger fillets via the ‘Menu Hacks’ section.

So put your sourdough starter down, get cooking, and also maybe deliver all your results to me to taste test, thanks.