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We Ranked Dance Movies Based On Their Most Fire Dance Scene

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The ’00s was a magical time for dance movies. It was a decade when dance movie after dance movie was being made to feed the masses.

I am still hungry for that era. While dance movies are no longer being made as regularly (sad!) we can still cherish that moment in time where it seemed like every other month another dance movie was being released. All of these films have a set formula and I respect that.

But which dance movie is the best? And which dance scene is the greatest? These are questions I ask myself a lot when I’m recreating that rain scene from Step Up 2: The Streets at home alone with my cats. (They’re a solid hype crew.)

So we’ve decided to create a ranking of all the best dance movies based off their most epic dance sequence.

Before y’all @ me for not including films like Dirty Dancing or Strictly Ballroom or any musicals, I am specifically talking about the rush of dance movies released across the ’00s. Chill, my dudes.

We ranked which is the best dance movie based on the film’s most fire dance scene:

#13. Step Up 3D

What a mess. This is possibly there worst Step Up film out of the whole franchise. The two lead characters are so boring and unlikeable and lack any hint of chemistry. For some reason the whole movie revolves around this dude Luke, who doesn’t even want to be a dancer. Ugh. How did you guys fuck up the formula so badly?

There are no memorable dance battles at all and tbh the only mildly entertaining part is this bizarre scene involving a slushie with heavy CGI.

#12. How She Move

Look, this movie is okay. It’s not terrible but basically I just don’t find this kind of stompy dance all that interesting and I’m not convinced by Rutina Wesley’s character whatsoever. All round, it’s just forgettable. The car scene is cool tho.

#11. Take The Lead

It seems like a lifetime ago when Antonio Banderas was the hottest man alive. What a time. This movie is fine. I’m incredibly biased because ballroom is not my fave style of dance. The tango scene is by far the best.

#10. Shall We Dance?

Again with the ballroom dancing. Boring! Sure, J-Lo makes this movie watchable but I’m really not interested in watching Richard Gere gyrate his hips. No thank you, sir.

#9. Stomp The Yard

Now, THESE are the dance movies that get me excited. This film follows a teen who joins a step-team at his university (that’s a thing, that exists) and shakes it up when he suggests they become… better.

The final dance battle is the obvious standout moment but ugh, it’s just lots of clapping and stomping which isn’t the most interesting dance technique to watch.

#8. Make It Happen

This is a story we all know. Young girl lives in small country town. She dreams of the big city then moves there to err…make it happen. This is basically all that happens (hehehe, get it) in the film. It’s all pretty basic but this dance scene is killer.

#7. You Got Served

The dance scenes in this are so good. The story, on the other hand, is a bit all over the place but honestly, who cares. It has everything a solid dance movie needs: a lame rivalry evolving into a tense dance-off, the hero team slaying the competition, and all accompanied with a lit soundtrack.

#6. Step Up 2: The Streets

I remember the trailer for this movie had Channing Tatum in it and I was absolutely furious when I realised he was literally only in ONE DAMN SCENE. Anyways, it’s not a bad film.

The story doesn’t feel as authentic as the first Step Up but in saying that, there is some very exciting choreography and that the rain-soaked routine at the end is one of the greatest dance sequences of all time. Chills.

#5. Honey

Jessica Alba is arguably one of the hottest people on this earth and it turns out she can also dance damn well. I love this movie, it just feels so wholesome.

Honey has everything: an adorable kid, a bestie that purely exists to hype the protagonist, a dance nemesis called Katrina and man candy in the form of Mekhi Phifer. In terms of standout dance moments, this tiny angel steals the whole show at the benefit concert.

#4. Step Up

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan fell in love while filming this movie and it shows. Their chemistry is frankly NSFW and their dance scenes together are pure fire. Channing Tatum was born to dance and we were born to watch Channing Tatum dance. He steals every scene and the final concert is phenomenal.

#3. Bring It On

Some may argue that Bring It On isn’t a dance movie, but I’d clap back that it actually gifted us the greatest dance rivalry of all time: The Toros VS. The Clovers.

The scene when Kirsten Dunst’s crew are exposed for cheating is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of film. Now THAT is how it’s done. Savage.

#2. Center Stage

I can’t explain how much I love this movie. Like, I could watch it every week and still want more. What’s not to love about a ballet team that goes rogue and dances to pop music rather than classical. HOW DARE THEY. Such rulebreakers.

The final sequence soundtracked by Jamiroquai’s ‘Canned Heat’ is actual art. Like it should be studied at university. And let’s not forget, protagonist Jodie shutting down the men in her life via dance makes this movie empowering as hell.

#1. Save the Last Dance

Did you think I was going to forget the most undervalued dance film of all time? Hell nah. Save the Last Dance is everything. The club scenes and fashion are iconic. Sean Patrick Thomas can like… get it. This movie matters and it confronts racism and privilege with nuance.

Is Julia Stiles the best dancer? Absolutely not. Does her final audition still make me tear up? Yep, it sure does. It’s not always about perfect technique, it’s about feeling and I felt that.

Don’t fight me on this unless we breakdance fight, then okay. Let’s go, baby.