People Share What Makes Them Instantly Unmatch Someone On A Dating App

It’s a fickle world out there in the online dating game and it seems increasingly harder to find a decent connection when using an app.

Whether you’ve been on dating apps for three days or three years, there’s a high chance you’ve probably unmatched someone. Whether it was a seedy comment, a no reply, or perhaps they just did something you can’t ever come around to no matter how petty is it (e.g. saying”hehe”), we’ve all got our reasons for unmatching someone before getting to know them. Such is life.

Living the single life in a global pandemic may mean that you’ve jumped back on dating apps, even if you had previously sworn off them (guilty). You may not last long before deleting again (guilty), or maybe you’ve managed to form one or more great connections. But, sorry, today we aren’t here for the heartwarming love stories. We’re here to learn what makes others decide to unmatch someone off a dating app.

Call it a lack of patience or perhaps it’s just an early red flag, but we asked a bunch of people of all ages, genders, and sexualities what makes them unmatch someone immediately, and the results are in: EVERYONE is over the word banter.

Here are 20 reasons why people have unmatched someone on a dating app immediately:

Please note this is strictly about why people have unmatched people, not why they’d never match with them in the first place, that’s why there are no references to fish photos in this article.

1. When they start off by calling you “darling” or “hun.”
2. When they ask if you have Snapchat as a greeting.
3. When they neg you as a way of greeting you.
4. “You keen for some fun? x”
5. When they call you “dear” like you’re a 90-year-old grandma.
6. A one-word greeting or answer (e.g. just saying “hey” and nothing else).
7. Anyone who says “hehe” or uses the winking emoji excessively.
8. People saying “must have quality banter” then never replying to a message.
9. Someone projecting a fantasy onto you instead of a greeting.
10. Using their first couple of messages to tell you they don’t use Tinder much, so follow them on Instagram.

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11. Starting the convo by asking how tall you are.
12. Any mention of their horoscope.
13. Writing a paragraph with zero correct grammar.
14. The use of the word “ay” at the end of a sentence.
15. Asking in the very first conversation if you’re ready to settle down.
16. Asking to meet up in the second sentence.
17. Asking a very obvious question that’s already answered on a bio – e.g. “where are you based?”

18. Sending a GIF but with no follow-up message.
19. Asking for your number in the very first message.
20. Kicking off the “pineapple on pizza?” debate as the first question.