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Davina Dodged A Bullet At Tonight’s MAFS Dinner & Viewers Are Fuming

Tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight was actually the BEST EPISODE EVER. Mostly because Dean finally got what was coming to him, as all the married couples united together in their hatred for his sorry ass. They. Let. Him. Have it. Hallelujah.

However, one person that seemed to dodge a massive bullet for her part in last week’s cheating scandal is Davina. Somehow, she has twisted the opinion of the group to believe she was just an innocent party in all this. It was bloody frustrating to watch.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Tracey pulled Davina aside to try and get an apology out of her. It didn’t go to plan.

Here’s roughly how it played out:

‘Hi Davina, so I just wanted to touch base on this whole… you cheating with my husband thing?’

‘Hey babe, so I was starting to date this guy Dean, I think you know him…’

‘My husband Dean?’

‘Yeah, Deano. So we were going to start dating then he dumped me and chose to stay with his wife. I’m really the victim in all of this. Good talk.’

Later back at the dinner table, Tracey wasn’t feeling great about Davina’s lack of empathy/compassion/human feelings.

‘I think we’re still waiting for you to acknowledge what you did…’

‘Babe. I accept your apology for taking my boyfriend off me. There, I said it.’

The woman just doesn’t get it.


Who is this??????

The entire night just demonstrated Davina’s lack of awareness not just of Ryan who increasingly appears like he wants to melt into the earth when she’s around but of everyone around her knowing too well what really went down with Dean. You two are as bad as each other.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Davina on tonight’s ep:

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