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WATCH: Deadpool Has Started Beef With Australia ‘Cos We Got Invited To Eurovision

Deadpool has picked a fight with Eurovision and thrown shade at Australia in the process. And honestly, how dare he?

The foul-mouthed mercenary is salty because Canada (native land to actor Ryan Reynolds) has not been invited to compete in the annual music contest, even though Australia has.

“We’ve been snubbed by that European singsong competition you guys lose your shit over,” said Deadpool in a video shared by Reynolds on social media. “Our generous gift of Celine Dion alone should earn us an invite.”

“And don’t give me that crap about Canada not being part of the European family. You let in Australia, and they’re barely on the planet.”

Mate, don’t hate us because you ain’t us.

Deadpool 2 hits cinemas on May 17. You can check out the latest trailer over here.

This article was originally published on Junkee.

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