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MAFS’ Dean Throws Patrick Under The Bus, Says The ‘Boys Night’ Footage Was Twisted

In a now-edited Instagram post, Married at First Sight’s Dean has slammed the series’ representation of last night’s boys night, even suggesting that Patrick said he was interested in swapping his wife, Charlene, for Davina.

ICYMI the boys night ep of MAFS was some absolute sexist filth, as each fella attempted to outgross one another. It was the very definition of toxic masculinity in action.

The prospect of swapping wives was spoken about at great length, spearheaded by Dean, who offered up his own wife Tracey like a prized turkey.

Straight after the ep, Dean took to Instagram to defend his behaviour. The current post has been edited, but this is what was originally written:

His post was quickly edited to something far less controversial but the overall tone is just foul. It’s pretty clear he doesn’t have any real regret or concern for the women that were spoken about, including his wife Tracey.

And in typical Dean fashion, he shirked most of the responsibility, even saying that Patrick had expressed interest in Davina and that a producer forced him to talk about the wives’ mothers.

Yeah, sure m8. We can’t wait to watch this dude spin his story to Charlene on tonight’s dinner party ep.

Bring on the carnage.

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