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Someone On Twitter Asked Why All Men Don’t Have Six-Packs The Responses Are Amazing

Right now, we’re all just doing our goddamn best and really don’t need any added pressures, especially not from strangers on the internet.

But then Twitter user @katiey_KE_ posted a photo of some hot, fitness model dude with a glistening six-pack, along with a question that’s got people all kinds of riled up: “Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?” Ugh.

Not today, satan. Not today.

The headless torso is taken from a Men’s Health magazine story, and this person’s insistence that this is something that all men should strive for has truly puzzled people on Twitter.

The post is particularly triggering as most of us have been in lockdown for weeks, so workout sessions have stalled as gyms have been out of reach. And obviously no one should have to meet these unrealistic expectations of beauty. As a response, Twitter has done what it does best: absolutely roasted the original tweeter.

People have started quoting the original tweet but adding their own image and it’s just so funny.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and honestly to all the men reading this: what IS preventing you from looking like this???

Here are some of our favourite responses because everyone loves a good roasting:

Very, very well played.