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Just Hear Me Out: Delta Goodrem’s ‘Innocent Eyes’ Is The Greatest Album Of All Time

It’s been 16 years since Delta Goodrem released Innocent Eyes and we need to talk about it.

Most of today’s generation will know Delta as the “unrhythmic white woman” outed by Marlon Wayans or as the angel who is a judge on The Voice.

If we cast our minds back to 2003, a young Delta at the age of 18-years-old would release her debut studio album Innocent Eyes and change Australia forever.

The album was transcendent for countless reasons. It is packed to the rafters with straight up fire ballads and the songs played on the universal theme that we can all get around: men are terrible.

For most of the noughties, Delta was Australia’s sweetheart and could do no wrong, and this album captured that magic, spending a record-breaking 29 weeks at number one on the ARIA charts.

While Delta has released four other albums throughout her career, they all paled in comparison to her first. Don’t get it twisted, Innocent Eyes is the greatest album of all time.

Let’s go through the album’s most iconic moments!

‘Born To Try’

The song that started it all. When I hear those first few piano chords, my whole body starts convulsing and I can’t stop my mouth from forming the words “Doing everything that I belieeeeve in”. Like I don’t ever do it consciously. I am merely a vessel for Delta to tell her story.

The lyrics are so deep, I feel them inside my soul. Sometimes you DO have to sacrifice the things you like! It happens! Sometimes! That note she hits right at the end when she screams ‘I was born TO TRYYYYY’, I felt that.

‘Innocent Eyes’

Considering most of this song’s lyrics are “Da da da da da da da da da da da da,” this track somehow hits you straight in the nostalgic feels. Plus, Delta’s memory of her childhood is super impressive. The song begins with “Do you remember when you where seven?” Well no, Delta, I do not because I was SEVEN. I was barely a human being. But good for her.

Confusion aside, the piano work in this is some fucking Mozart-level talent.

‘Not Me, Not I’

This is the Delta I’m here for. The ‘men are trash’ Delta. Here she is pissed and she’s talking about you! YEAH, YOU! She may have loved you but she’ll get over you cos you ain’t shit, okay?

In the music video for some reason Delta is dressed like she’s a part of The Fellowship of The Ring at the beginning of the clip then she’s seen singing in front of a full moon. Is she a hobbit? A werewolf? Delta can keep her secrets but just don’t mess with her heart. YEAH, YOU!

‘Lost Without You’

This was Delta’s breakup song to end all breakup songs and it still slaps. My main memory of this hit is Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes singing it to Delta at the 2003 ARIA Awards after our queen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. The performance was moving while simultaneously incredibly morbid. She’s not dead, guys. This is all kinds of wrong.

It’s still a heartbreaking tune and forever iconic.


While Delta didn’t actually release this song she should have, because ‘Butterfly’ is amazing. Did you think it was only Mariah Carey who was synonymous with butterflies? Sorry sweaty. When I think of butterflies only one blonde pop diva comes to mind!

This song was a standout track on an album of standout tracks.


From the second Delta hit those piano keys, you just know she ain’t here to play. This is Delta’s revenge song and we all know the kind of fuckboi she’s talking about.

No disrespect to our Delta, but my favourite performance of the song was by Cosima de Vito on Australian Idol. She really vibed this track and it was this performance that got her into the top 12…before the dreaded nodules came along. I hope she personally thanked Delta for this precious gift.

What an album! What a woman! ILY Delta Goodrem.