Dianna Agron Nintendo

These Chaotic Celeb-Endorsed Ads Live In My Brain Rent-Free

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Celebrities really do be out here collecting cheques.

While we stan celebrities for the art that they put out into the world – whether that be TV shows, movies or music – they do sometimes put out questionable content. And that questionable content usually comes in the form of off-brand commercials. 

So, I’ve decided to collate all of the questionable ads that I’ve seen celebrities in, to celebrate all of the weird and wonderful content that they’ve given us. Let’s get into the list. 

Dianna Agron – Nintendo 3DS 

OK, I’m not going to lie: This is the most iconic advertisement that I’ve ever seen. Dianna Agron, famously from the show Glee, was obviously nabbed by Nintendo for her incredible influence. However, she wasn’t known for being a gamer. At all. The result? They get Diana Agron to act as an “artist” who works on “an abstract piece of dessert art.” It’s so bizarre. You have to watch it. 

Beyoncé – Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo DSi)

Honestly, someone needs to tell me how much budget Nintendo had back in 2008/9 because they were nabbing the big dogs. Next up on our list is the queen of the world, Beyoncé herself. While Beyoncé hasn’t displayed the best acting ability in her time on earth, it really peaks here. I really believe that she’s playing Rhythm Heaven. And that’s on talent. 

Britney Spears – Radiance

Celebrity perfume ads are always so dramatic, as they should be. They’re not selling a scent as much as they are selling an experience or selling themselves. Britney Spears, the queen of fragrances has had a number of commercials come out, but none better than this one. In this ad, Britney Spears goes into a fortune teller, only to leave as soon as she’s asked a question because she “chooses her own destiny…”

Girl, why did you walk in… in the first place? Icon behaviour. 

Kendall Jenner – Pepsi

Oh God, remember this trainwreck? Throwback to the time when Kendall thought she could solve racism, sexism, and all that was wrong with the world by handing the police a can of Pepsi. It really makes you think… how on earth did this ad get green-lit by so many people?

Lady Gaga – Singapore Tourism 

It’s crazy to look at clips of Lady Gaga in 2009 and think that it’s the same superstar that played Ally in A Star Is Born. Before Lady Gaga really broke onto the scene, she did an ad that promoted tourism in Singapore. Set to ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by the Black Eyed Peas, this icon really did the most for a low-budget, green-screen effort. She is – and always has been – talented brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never-the-same, totally unique etc etc.

Speaking of Britney Spears, make sure you check out the New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears.