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20 Tweets For Anyone Who’s Rooting For Betty Broderick On ‘Dirty John’

The anticipated second season of Dirty John has fans absolutely hooked and one surprising response from fans is the fact that people are rooting for series protagonist Betty Broderick choosing to kill her husband and his new wife.

Inspired by true events, Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story relays a timeline of what led to Betty shooting Dan and Linda Broderick while they were sleeping. The story is largely told from the perspective of Betty, rather than slain husband Dan, so it’s easy to become biased towards Betty as viewers were often only seeing her side of the story.

Saying that, Dan is the worst. Throughout the series, he manipulates and controls Betty, exhibiting every single red flag in the gaslighter’s handbook. Does this mean he (and Linda) deserved to die? I’d say no, but some fans online reckon that her actions were justified.

Here are 20 tweets about season two of Dirty John, from people rooting for Betty Broderick:





















Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is available to stream now on Netflix.