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Eric Bana Is Creepy As Hell In The First Trailer For ‘Dirty John’

Excellent news, true crime lovers: the first trailer for Dirty John is officially here. And it’s every bit as unsettling as you could have hoped for.

Adapted from the massively popular investigative podcast of the same name, the eight-part TV series follows Debra Newell, a well-off Californian woman who falls head over heels for a man she meets on the internet. Does it go well? Given the trailer begins with a 911 call and a shot of a bloody knife, you can probably figure out the answer for yourself.

Connie Britton stars as Newell, while Australia’s own Eric Bana makes a deeply creepy John. Handsome, yes. But also deeply, deeply creepy.

Dirty John will premiere in the US on November 25.

This article was originally published on Junkee.