Someone Edited ‘Doctor Strange’ Into A Water Park & It’s Soo Delightfully Dumb

Doctor Strange is kind of a weird superhero, especially in action sequences. I mean, next to Thor, any weedy dude waving his hands mystically is going to be underwhelming, but Doctor Strange takes that to new and weird heights.

Nothing illustrates this better than transporting him through time and space to a water park.

You heard that right — a water park. Self-professed internet humourist Jesse McLaren has taken all the behind-the-scenes green screen shots from Doctor Strange, and used them to edit the good doctor into water theme parks. And for a guy in a floor-length cape and flowing robes, he looks right at home there.

Check it out:

That there is art, pure and simple. It’s also a great insight into why Doctor Strange’s fighting style is so underwhelming — he literally moves like a large child who has stumbled unawares onto a slippery surface.

Thank you, McLaren, for this gift of insight. I think we can all agree that a scene like this would have deeply improved Infinity War.

This article was originally published on Junkee.