Tasmanian Flood

Drone Footage Captures Incredible View Of Tasmanian Flood Destruction

Since the weekend, three regions of Tasmania have been hit by record breaking rain, which has caused rivers across the island state to flood.

There’s been an insane amount of destruction reported, with the Tasmanian Government concerned that the damage bill could top $100 million. Yesterday, it was believed that more than 173 buildings have been affected by flooding- with 52 homes damaged and over 400 requests issued for SES help since Sunday.

One person has died, while the search for two men, 81-year-old Trevor Foster and 63-year-old Peter Watson has become a recovery mission, with police holding little hope of finding the missing men alive.

Amidst the carnage in Launceston, aerial photography business Red Baron Drone Images took the opportunity to shoot mother-natures wrath. The group managed to capture some incredible vision of raging rivers, the flooding of Trevallyn Dam and the water overflowing on banks of the Tamar River.

The result is an awe-inspiring birdseye view of the raging floodwaters that’s both mesmerising and terrifying. Our thoughts go out to all those suffering from the extreme weather event.

Birdseye view of Tasmanian Flooding

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