Cole Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse Pretending To Be Every Riverdale Cast Member Is All Of Us

Brutally trolling each other on social media seems to be the ‘Sprouse way’ of twin bonding, and Dylan imitating ‘Jughead Jones’ and the rest of the Riverdale cast is just too perfect for words.

The Sprouse twins always have highly entertaining internet banter and brotherly bonding across their social platforms. They’re both like the ‘cute’ AND ‘funny’ guy in your class that you just wanna date the hell out of.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

i love u

While Cole has pretty much ruled out the idea of Dylan ever making an appearance on Riverdale, Dylan’s Insta-story posts confirm that he 100% gets the show. Dylan posted a series of selfies with a promotional Riverdale poster he came across while out in NYC, recreating the uniquely moody ‘look’ of each of the cast members. And rocks it.

He captioned the snaps: “Look I’m a ‘Riverdale’ cast member lol”, trolling the whole gang for the melodramatic vibes of the poster. And the whole show. Shit Riverdale is just all so extra. And we fucking love it.

Bow down to Dylan Sprouse for this wonderful contribution to the Riverdale fandom:

Nailing Archie’s signature furrowed brow like:


Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with KJ Apa

Unless I see a blonde ponytail I see no Betty Cooper…

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Lili Reinhart

Actually eerily close to Kevin’s sweetheart semi-smile

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Casey Cott

Trying to be Cheryl = POUT BBY

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Madelaine Petsch

Get this boy some cat ears

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Ashleigh Murray

Obvi spot on as Jughead #Twins

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Cole Sprouse

Aaaaaand he makes a pretty legit Ronnie as well. Well done m8.

Dylan Sprouse snaps a selfie with Camila Mendes

We feel you Dylan, we all wanna be part of Riverdale too buddy.

Lead image via Cole Sprouse on Twitter.