Ed Sheeran Played A Surprise Gig In A Melbourne Laneway This Morning And The FOMO Is Real

Our boy Ed Sheeran treated a crowd of lucky fans to a *secret* performance of his track ‘Perfect’ this morning from one of Melbourne’s most famous laneways.

Sheeran is in the middle of his Aussie tour but added this surprise bonus performance for any fans quick and eager enough to get to the right spot at the right time. Just for this morning, he swapped the stadium for Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, the heart of the city’s iconic street art.

He performed his latest love ballad, ‘Perfect’ (and only ‘Perfect’), which was live-streamed across the globe for the 2018 iHeartRadio Awards Broadcast.

People were told about the performance and instructed to follow a set of rules outlined in an email blasted out to the fans.

And before you know it, die-hard Sheeran fans were coming in hoards, filling up Hosier lane in no time and then spilling out into Flinders Lane to catch the performance. It was a large-scale Ed Sheeran-mania invasion.

The performance sounded pretty damn great in the broadcast and can you imagine how amazing it would have been to be in that front line of people for this??? Alas, all we have are these vids so you can catch but a glimpse:

Damn Sheeran bring on more impromptu street performances plz.

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