This Ed Sheeran Wax Figure Is So Spot-On, It’s Going To Give Me Nightmares

Madame Tussauds is known for their creepily spot-on celebrity wax figures, and the latest Ed Sheeran offering is no different.

Unveiling it (him?) at a cat cafe in London, the singer is perfectly captured down to his guitar, tattoos, and look of slight bewilderment.

That photo above? That’s the fake Ed Sheeran.

FYI, this is the real Ed Sheeran:

Cheers Tom for the specs x

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And here’s Fake Ed and Real Ed standing next to each other:

ed sheeran wax figure

I never said I was a Photoshop expert guys, pls.

Also here’s a zoomed in version of Fake Ed, just because it’s creeping me out a little:

ed sheeran wax figure

OK, well, see you in my nightmares!


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