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14 Truly Hilarious ‘Love Island UK’ Memes About Ekin-Su, An Icon We Don’t Deserve

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Reality TV spring has sprung with the return of Love Island UK aka the best TV show on the planet.

And this season is finally getting good (read: dramatic!), as some couples are starting to form, and others are over before they even began.

FYI: This post discusses the most recent Love Island episodes so if you’re not up to date please exit this browser now.

On this week’s episode, Gemma and Luca were split up when bombshell Danica decided to recouple with the fish monger. Meanwhile, it looks like things could be over between Amber and Dami, as the Irishman grows ever closer to Indiyah. Escándalo!

But we are not here to talk about any of these people. Nope. Sorry. We are here to talk exclusively about the one islander who has occupied my every thought and feeling from the second she burst (or should I say crawled?) onto our screens: Ekin-Su.

Even her name gives me an exciting feeling inside. Ekin. Su. Pure poetry.

Upon arriving as a bombshell in the Love Island villa, Ekin-Su made it clear she was not there to make friends — she wanted to find her man. She quickly grew close to Italian stallion, Davide, and they ended up recoupling together. However, their romance came to a crashing end when another Italian contestant, Jay, arrived.

Ekin-Su fell hard for Jay, and behind Davide’s back, she arranged for Jay to meet her in the terrace for a secret kiss. They met again the following night for another stealthy smooch. The funniest part was that to get to the terrace each time undetected, Ekin-Su skulked along the ground like some stray cat.

Unfortunately for Ekin-Su and Jay, they weren’t quite as covert as they had hoped: several islanders had spotted them on the terrace. It eventually came out that they had kissed and Davide didn’t exactly take the news gracefully. He yelled out that Ekin-Su was “a liar,” and an “actress,” in some of the best TV I’ve seen all year.

It didn’t help matters that Ekin-Su didn’t show a lot of empathy towards Davide in the moment he found out about the kiss. She instead turned it around on him, accusing Davide of not being interested in her, prompting some fans to accuse Ekin-Su of “gaslighting” him.

In Ekin-Su’s defence (in case you didn’t pick up my vibe, I would kill for this woman), she actually made some valid point. Davide didn’t make a whole lot of effort with Ekin-Su while they were together, and he rarely made her a morning coffee which left her ranting most days.

As someone who can’t function without my 8am latte, I can relate.

Ekin-Su also shared that she had a romantic spark with Jay that was lacking with Davide. Let a girl live!

OK, she probably could have been honest with Davide and not literally crawled along the floor of the women’s makeup room in an attempt to deceive him but you know what? God, it was fun to watch.

This is truly how icons are born.

Love her or just love to hate her, Ekin-Su is carrying this season.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about Love Island UK’s messiest unit, Ekin-Su.















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